Friday, March 3, 2017

Kicking around in the Korners

Session 25 was played on 2/3.

Nilbog Dracon, human wizard 2 (Matt)
Sarin the Ugly, Human Fighter 1 (Josh)
??? (Laural)
Unnamed, Elf 1 (Nicole)

Stayed in the Kobold Korners
Wilhelm, drunk Dwarf 5 (Julia)
-Helmut, war dog
-Xerxis, Human Fighter 1 (Henchman)
-Yolanda, Human Fighter 1 (Henchman)
-2 torch bearers (Z, A.A.Ron)
-6 men at arms (O, Siri, T, U, V, W)

Stayed in town
Tink, a pretentious Elf (but I repeat myself) and former barkeep (Hanna)
Shelly, a vegetarian recovering alcoholic halfling Thief 3 (Nadia)
Frank, halfling 1 (Emily)
Yaqen, elf 1 (Shaun)
Karlaih, Human Thief 5 (Mollie)
Leroy, human fighter 3 (Mike)

The session started in the Kobold Korners with the unnamed elf spotting the party. She'd come to Stonehell to find her fortune with an adventuring party, but they were killed off, and she ended up at the Korners, and hooked up with (Laural).

Nilbog checked in with the tailor, who was unable to procure spider silk for the robes he wanted, but knew that the Hobgoblins might be able to get some. Introductions to some of the Hobgoblin troops in the Korners were made, and Nilbog was taken to their territory. It was a disorienting trip, as they blindfolded him, and repeatedly stopped to spin him around several times to keep him dizzy. The hobgoblin quartermaster agreed to sell him enough silk for the robes, and Nilbog put down a hefty deposit. He was returned safely to the Korners the same way he left it.

Meanwhile Sarin the ugly went to the kobold barber for healing, as his body was in the same condition as his dignity. While magical healing wasn't available, and he declined the application of the glowing green goo, a treatment of leeches at least made him feel a little light headed. The elf and Laural visited the fortune teller, an old crone of a kobold in a colorful shawl. First she read Laural's palm, told of a tall dark man who would... wait? You want to know about treasure? Oh, you'll find some of that too, but it'll be dangerous, and there will be death along the way. The elf wanted her fortune read, but instead of reaching for the elf's hand, she demanded the elf's foot. Examining it closely, she declared that she had found the source of the awful smell in the tent. She then glanced briefly at her palm mumbled a bit then shuffled them out of the tent. Standing outside the tent, they decided they still had questions and reentered, only to find it empty.

Sarin, Nilbog, (Luaral), and the elf hooked back up and decided to escort the elf out of Stonehell. They avoided a small group of orcs but ran into some rats, killing a couple and running from the rest.

Back in town, Sarin and Nilbog talked with the innkeeper about buying ale to sell in the Korners, and he replied that he'd been looking for someone to bring him the mushroom ale from the tavern in the Korners! Logistics were worked out, prices settled on, and some ale was bought. Nilbog also hired a couple of linkmen and hirelings, and everyone set back out for Stonehell, including the Elf, who had taken a fancy to the silly (Laural). They make their way safely back to the Korners...

Gains: Completed Kobold Ale Quest!
Kills: 2 Rats

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