Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Read an RPG In Public week

It's that time of year again. Get out there and wave your geek flag! Go read an RPG book out in public!

Today I sat outside (before the rain came) and read DCC's Chaos Rising! It's a compilation of 7 short adventures published elsewhere that are now kind of hard to find.

Yummy sushi plus gonzo DCC? A perfect combo. Now if only the wind hadn't spent the whole time trying to blow everything away...

The rest of this years dates are:
February 26th - March 4th, 2017 (DM's Day 3/4)
July 23th - 29th, 2017 (Gygax's birthday 7/27)
October 1st - 7th, 2017 (Dave Arneson's birthday 10/1)

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