Thursday, March 2, 2017

Chainmail Orc Druid

Over at the Reaper forum a group of us have been hanging out via Google Hangouts, and the idea popped up that we could all work on the same figure at the same time. We settled on an old Chainmail mini, the Orc Druid for our first Hangout Mini of the Month. While I have one, it's already painted... not that I can find it at the moment... so I found a really cheap on already painted on ebay, and a few days later it arrived, just in time for the start of the month.

After a bath in paint stripper, and a wash, he came out looking like this. Nearly new!

I used Reaper's brush on primer to start things off...
I decided that I'd paint him up to match my Reaper Bones Black (and blue) Orcs. Clearly, as their shaman he's allowed to have hair.
The skin is mostly void blue, with some purple mixed in at the darkest shadows.
The fur is mostly Ebony Flesh, while the hair is Redstone Shadow (to be brought up with Redstone, and then Redstone Highlight)
Bring up the highlights of the skin by adding linen white to the void blue.
Bringing up the fur by mixing in linen white and stone grey. The fetish stick on his back I've decided is a unicorn horn. I've got a pearly white that I've been looking to try on something...

Unfortunately I didn't quite manage to get him done in February...

This is about where he stands now... I'll just have to finish him up in March.

Oh, and if you're curious, the March hangout figure is the Goblin Shaman. That's him in the middle front there...
But I figure if I'm gonna paint one goblin, I might as well paint a bunch of them. You can never have too many goblins.

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