Thursday, March 30, 2017

Bones Goblin Shaman

March's Hangout Figure of the Month is the Goblin Shaman (either the metal or Bones version). Since I was going to be painting one goblin, I figured that I could always paint some more! I did a quick check to remove the worst of the mold lines, and then gave them a good wash and scrub with dish soap and a toothbrush.

 I then mounted them on corks with hot glue and primed them with Brown Liner.
 The base coat for their skin is Pumpkin Orange. It took a couple of layers to completely cover the liner.
 I used scarlet on the shaman's jacket/robe thing, and Void Blue for the shaman's hat, while the other goblins got red caps.

 The staff topper was grey with red on the eyes and wings. The goblin caps
The beard and fur are both grey, then highlighted with grey mixed with linen white. The skin highlights were also brought up with increasing amounts of linen white. It's hard to see, but the eyes are green.
The staff topper was highlighted with grey/linen, while the spikes got pure black, with Dragon Bronze. The bracelets also got pure black with Dragon Bronze that was then highlighted with Dragon Bronze/Mithril
The feather starts with void blue, then it's mixed with green, then green, then mixed with yellow, then pure yellow at the tip. The moss on the base was also green, with a drybrush of mixed green/yellow.  The spider is brown, with yellow spots.

At this point he's just about done. I brought up some of the highlights on the staff topper, and his hat. Made the fur a bit whiter with a dry brush of pure Linen White, as well as painted the fur that runs alongside the staff. Never would have noticed that detail but for the fact that one of the other guys doing this figure as part of the same hangout challenge did the metal version, and pointed it out. The detail is a bit crisper on the metal one.

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