Monday, March 13, 2017

Reaper's Phone Box aka TARDIS 2.0

As I'm using The War Doctor and #9 as my apprentice and wizard for Frostgrave, they of course needed a TARDIS! Now I have already painted one of Reaper's Telephone Box but I gave it away as a gift. So, time for box 2.0!

After cleaning up the mold lines, I primed it with Blue Liner.

I then brought up the color by mixing Blue Liner with Heather Blue

The whole thing got several washes of GW's Asurmen Blue.

The windows were blended up from a mix of Stone Grey and Linen White, While the spot for the sign on the door was Bleached Linen. The door handle and keyhole are filagree silver (I think)

 I made the Police Box sign using MS Word and printing it out. Each sign, when trimmed had a sharpie marker run along the edge to blacken it. The lintels where the signs would go got painted black (I don't remember which black I used. Noir probably) and then a touch of superglue was smeared across it, and the signs stuck on. The sign on the door was made the same way.

I might just have to give it a scenic base...

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