Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Chainmail Orc Druid Showoff

Last night I finished up my orc druid. He isn't great, and wouldn't win any painting awards, but he's a done to a solid tabletop standard. And since I don't actually need him for anything, I'm not going to overstress about it.

The leather started with Ebony Flesh, and was lightened with Pumpkin Orange. The hair was done with the Redstone triad, with a bit of Bleached Linen for the final highlight. The bone is mostly Dirty Bone and Bloodhowl's Heavy Sepia Wash (custom mix). The unicorn horn started with a base of Skeleton Bone, with Sparkling Snow over it. I really like the semi-metallic effect! The feathers are Twilight Purple, then highlighted with a mix of the Sparkling Snow

Now, onto March's Hangout Figure of the Month: the Goblin Shaman!


  1. Played a bit of Chainmai back in the days and they sure had some nice figs (but the rules sucked...). I especially liked the gnolls, but this orc shaman is rather nice. Also got a painted one.

    1. The gnolls are some really great sculpts. I found the orc druid to be kind of fiddly, with lots of little details, but otherwise kind of a fun mini.