Saturday, June 20, 2015

#6MMRPC Week 3

I've pretty much finished up the NOVA Corp Sgt. He doesn't exactly match the troopers I painted about 2 years ago, but he's close enough for government (or in this case mercenary) work.

I really do need to take better pics though...

Ebonwrath nears completion. I still need to do something with the claws, teeth, and spines. I'm considering just keeping it simple with all 3 and doing the bone triad on them. Plus, it really needs a base.

I am pleased with how the wings are looking.


  1. The wings are looking very good. Are there purple striations on the body?

  2. Nova chap is great. If and when I eventually get to my own, I think I may well steal your scheme.

    Dragon is sweet - love the wings especially!