Wednesday, June 4, 2014

NOVA Troopers

The hologram, spiffy in an expensive suit smiled with an improbably perfect set of teeth. "Good morning Governor! Rumor has it you're in need of a little extra security. Well, I've got just the thing - an entire battalion of the finest NOVA heavy security troopers, ready to deploy at a moment's notice. 1,000 highly trained men, women, and a few aliens, all ready to answer your call."

"Each trooper comes equipped with the latest in field tested technology. Their blast armor is resistant to both slug throwers and energy discharge weapons. It also comes standard with tracking and health monitors, and a built in medikit and stim package. The helmet comes complete with built in encrypted communicators, infrared visual display, respirators designed to handle most known chemical and biological attacks, and when combined with the suit allow the NOVA Trooper to survive in vacuum for up to an hour. The boots come standard with magnetic souls, meaning they'll never drift off in zero-g, and of course, all NOVA Troopers are trained to operate in the harshest of extremes."

In the hologram's hands a blaster appears. "This my friend is the CVT-230 Blaster Carbine. A light weight, user friendly weapon with multiple settings that allow it to be utilized in a wide variety of situations. Everything from heavy automatic fire for use against hostile alien invaders, to a wide field stun setting, perfect for crowd control when the local team's win causes your citizens to get a little rambunctious. This is the standard weapon of our troopers, but of course specialized options are also available."

Sighting along the blaster, the hologram fakes a shot with recoil, and smiles at you. "Above all, we guarantee that our NOVA Troopers are just what you need. Their training is extensive, and their jobs have taken them all over the galaxy. They've provided VIP security for numerous high profile clients including the Max Rebo Band, Bartu and the Blaster Rays, and the Red Shift Limit. NOVA Troopers were instrumental in defeating the kiva-plague-zombies on Rentrax III, and for arriving just in time to protect the embattled government of Naalol until official reinforcements could arrive. NOVA Troopers have served as security for numerous galactic events, including the 333rd-340th Annual Spira Swoop Races, The Galactic Lightball Playoffs, and the Vinta Harvest Classics."

"In short, NOVA Troopers are the answer you've been looking for. There is no job to small, and few that are too big. Our prices are competitive, and our troopers the best. Tell me your needs, and we'll get the NOVA Troopers on their way before the ink is dry."

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