Saturday, June 13, 2015

Iron Player

Today is the Iron Player event at my FLGS, Titan Games. 6 months after I won the Iron DM event, I and several other DMs will once again take our rightful places behind our screens, but this time our goal is to weed out the players who are made of softer stuff, and arrive at the one player who’s heart and dice are worthy of the title Iron Player!

What makes an iron player? It isn't necessarily the one who optimizes his character to Batman levels of extreme, or the one who gets to the end of the adventure/hallway/treasure first, or even the one who memorizes the rules books. An Iron Player is one who thinks, who listens, who takes advantage of situations when they present themselves, and one who's a little lucky. While there can be only one Iron Player, the ability to work with their fellow players will be a necessary component if they have any hope of surviving. This will be an event pitting player knowledge and skill against their DM's machinations, not the other player!

Will the contestants listen to their DMs? Will they work together? Will they face the challenges put before them with skill. Can they overcome the fickle mood of lady luck? Can they survive the brutal and fatal dungeon they will all explore until reaching the tarasque at the very end of it all?

Who will emerge as the Iron Player? We'll find out in a few hours!

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