Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Iron Player Event

It was a long event, but not because my players were successful... Look at them, so full of hope!

Sadly, my players who were assigned to my table suffered an ignoble death at the hands of goblins in the first room... sure it took 100 goblins, in 20 strong waves, and in the end only 10 of the beasts survived, but the PCs died just the same.

So much death... 

Not Iron Players... taken immediately after sounding the Cymbal of Death!

To be fair, all the PC's died, as the event was designed to do. Of the 20 rooms of the dungeon, no PC made it past room 7. In spite of this, everyone seemed to have a good time! Even my players! Of course after their deaths, we did continue to play, and they explored the dungeon through to the entrance of the 7th room. I managed to kill the paladin (kneeling above) two more times over the rest of the afternoon.

Really though, it was the dungeon and his own stupidity that killed him, killed them all!!

The second table (of 5) killed, with their DM

 And the winners!