Monday, June 17, 2013

Guinea Pig Armor

One of the non-gaming activities I participate in is guinea pig fostering for the Metropolitan Guinea Pig Rescue. At any given time I have my own guinea pig, Chicken of the Andes (aka Andy), and one that has been given up and is looking for it's forever home. Right now I have a sweet boy named Rascal.

That's Alice in the background, Rascal behind the box, and Andy in front.

Here's a closeup of Rascal. He's a sweet little guy, and while I'm enjoying fostering him, I think he'd like to find a real home.

You might remember that Andy and a previous foster pig (Pumpkin) were featured in a past post: Guinea Drakes.

I bring this up because there is a suit of chain & scale armor for a guinea pig, complete with a helm up for auction on e-bay, the procedes of which go to the Metropolitan Guinea Pig Rescue. Not only is it insanely cool, it's for a good cause so please check it out, share it, and if you're interested bid.

A noble warrior...

armored head to toe

Ready for adventure!

There's only a couple of days left, so check out the auction. It's for a good cause. And if you need a pig to wear your new guinea pig armor, I recommend you check out MGPR's currently available pigs, including Rascal.


  1. ...and lo i came to the tower of the archmage and there a band of guinea pig warriors in scale armour came, one on a miraculous sky sled of the ancients. Foremost among the guineapigs, Rascal, alice and andy....

  2. I expected magic armor made of guinea pig skin...
    Well, they're cute. :)

  3. Love seeing the armor and the other colorful soft costumes! Thanks for sharing.