Thursday, June 6, 2013

New Magic Item: Silver Key

“Where is it!?!” Rathgar spat. The room had been torn apart top to bottom. Furniture, clothing, and bric-a-brac were spread out across the floor.

“It’s not here” Nimble answered, sitting on the back of an overturned chair. “We’ve looked, all of us, two, three, even four times. The key isn’t here.”

“Then how are we going to open the Dark Fane?” Allianora asked with a sigh.

Rathgar threw the book in his hand against the wall with a wordless growl.

"I don't know." Nimble said tiredly.

Feris sighed "The sage said-"

"Sage?" Rathgar snarled. "That old man may be many things: drug-addled, a fine actor, and a natural con man, but he was no sage. And now we're off track with no idea where the key actual is!"

"The sage said that the Baron of Nox always, always, has the key with him."

"Unless its his armor or his mace, he doesn't have it" Nimble pointed out.

"Maybe" Feris shrugged. "They're both magical."

"And both are tainted" Allianora added.

"Do we chance it? You know what happens if we go to the fane, and we don't have the key." Nimble warned.

"What choice do we have?"

The Silver Key

This magical mace is a highly ornate weapon, etched with abstract and geometric shapes along the entire length. It radiates strongly of magic, and faintly of chaos/evil. In combat it counts as a +2/+4 vs Humans. It's primary ability is to unlock the Dark Fane (or other suitably evil location in your world), and it also has the ability to unlock magical locks and wards (Base chance of 20%)

Image Source: The Silver Key

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