Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Running Stonehell aka Springtime for Orcus

On Saturday night I ran +Michael Curtis' Stonehell megadungeon. I posted to G+ saying I was interesting in running if anyone was interested in playing. I figured I'd get a couple of people with new characters, and I could run them in the upper levels, no problem.Who'd want to risk their higher level Flailsnails characters on a relatively unknown DM?

What I got was +Chris Peterson and +Kyrinn S. Eis with 4th and 5th level characters respectively.

So I guess the answer to that is Kyrinn and Chris.

I wanted to challenge them, so rather then run them through level 1 of Stonehell I pulled out the Lost Level that Michael used at a con. It's a sublevel that branches off of level 3, and it has some interesting stuff in it. However it's even more sketchy than Stonehell proper, which gives a lot of room for DM interpretation.

I took full advantage of this when I introduced an unholy book, the one that gives today's post it's title - Springtime for Orcus.



Did Kyrinn and Chris like it?

Seemed to.


I think so!

It's the first time I've been behind the DM's screen in many months, and it felt good!

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