Thursday, June 20, 2013

Familiarity of the Other

The poll I ran last week about familiars ended differently than I expected. I figured that the cat and the toad would by the top pics. Instead other and the crow were the top pics, and the poor toad, the granter of a constitution bonus, got a single vote.

So we're left with "other", but what is other? I'm guessing that "other" refers to some of the weirder options, things like elementals, homunculi, or winged cats.

or mechanical owls

So I'm curious, what's other? If you were going to pick something other than a traditional familiar, what would you pick? As always, the poll is to the right.


  1. I've voted for "undead", but I am specifically thinking of incorporeal undead. An animated skeleton or vampire wouldn't really fit the idea, I think.

  2. A toad familiar in my campaign would give the magic-user a foul taste if bitten, so any monster that hits with a bite attack would need to save against poison or not attack with its bite again.

    I don't think of a homonculus as a familiar, but I really like quasits and imps, so I picked demon/devil for that reason. A small elemental like a mephit would be another good choice.

  3. I initially voted for Dragon, but changed my mind and went with Other instead-- specifically, a fairy or pixie. How did that not get included?

    *Sigh* Sometimes I fear I'm too girly for this hobby.

    1. Gah! I don't know how I missed that since Brownie and pixie were both on the list of specials! Fae should have been up there!