Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Guinea Drakes

Guinea Drakes are small saurian creatures, mostly scaled, but with some furry tufts around their feet and heads. They are kept as livestock by kobolds and other subterranean races. The guinea drake is a burrowing creature that in the wild will build extensive dugout systems in which to live. They eat primarily molds, fungus, roots, and whatever bugs they come across in their burrowing.

Groups of Guinea Drakes are known as "wheeks" due to their distinct vocalization. The echoing of a wheek of guinea drakes in their tunnels can carry for quite a distance and can be quite unnerving to anyone hearing it for the first time.

They shed their skins much like snakes, though intact examples are almost never found in the wild, as it is scraped off in their tunnels.

Their eggs are small, no more than an inch in diameter, but highly nutritious. While considered a staple of many diets, halflings can not stand the flavor.

They come in a wide variety of colors, with scaled hides ranging from greens to blues to purples, with a distinctive crest that runs from the middle of their head down to the end of their tails.

Different varieties can be found all over the underdark, and some breeders go to great length to achieve specific fur, scale, and crest combinations. The most uncommon version is the fur-less guinea drake, commonly known as "skinny-drakes". They are always albinos, with a pale red crest. Depending on the location, a live "skinny-drake" can fetch a very high price.

A few examples have come to the surface, and breeders have attempted to raise them, but the guinea drake's natural burrowing ability prevents them being caged outdoors.

While generally timid creatures, far more likely to run than to engage anything bigger than they are, they are also known to have generally foul temperaments, and a quick bite is often the result of trying to catch a wild one.

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