Friday, June 21, 2013

Morak's Blades

“Morak!” the boy yelled. “Kargar!”

The three warriors looked up from the fish roasting over the campfire. Vladimir ran back to camp, his dagger gripped tight, and eyes wide. “Demons!” he yelled too loudly, skidding to a stop on the far side of the fire.

The men grabbed their arms and put their backs to the fire and looked out into the deepening darkness.

Vlad tossed a small tightly bound bundle of sage on the fire.

“What’s that for?” Kargar asked softly.

“Mum always burned sage to keep demons out of the house.”

“I don’t know that’s going to help any.” Kargar replied dubiously.

“Hush” Rothwin admonished

Kargar’s gaze flashed to Rothwin “Hush yourself, bastard. I don’t take orders from-”

“Brother, Kargar, shut up.” Morak sighed. “And keep your eyes to the dark.”

The only sounds were the crackling of the fire, a gentle breeze rustling the leaves, and the normal night noises of the woods.

After a long pause Morak asked “Vlad? What exactly did you see?”

“A demon!” he said excitedly. “It was hiding in a pile of leaves, and I didn’t see it at first. When I went to gather some of the wood near it, it reached toward me!”

The three warriors sighed, their weapons drooped. “Is the fish burned?” Kargar asked, as he turned to the fire.


“It was just the wind, Vlad.” Rothwin said, setting his crossbow against the log, and retrieving his winskin from the dirt.


“There’s no shame lad, be at ease” Kargar speared one of the fish off the fire, and handed it to Vlad.


“Now” came the soft voice from the dark, and diminutive grey skinned creatures loped into the firelight, their large maws open wide.

Morak's Blades

Morak (Human Male F1 N) is a younger son of a minor lord who stands to inherit nothing. Making the best of the situation he gathered his childhood companions and struck out to make his fortune. He fights with flail and shield, wears high quality chainmail and helm, and is proficient with a shortbow. He is young, a bit naive, but cautious.

Rothwin (Human Male F1 N) is the bastard son of the minor lord who fathered Morak. Rothwin was raised with Morak, and feels that they both deserve better, and harbors a strong hatred of the heir. Rothwin wears black studded brown leather armor and wields a crossbow with deadly accuracy. His face and neck are tattooed with a red dragon breathing flames.

Kargar (Human Male F1 L) is the son of the lord’s master-at-arms. His father recommended that Kargar to keep an eye on Morak. He may be a younger son, but he’s still in the line of succession, and his mother (a witch) saw great things in his future. Kargar wears a suit of chain and helm of equal quality to Morak’s, and fights sword and board. He is also learning ancient common from a translating dictionary.

Vladimir (Human Male F0 N) was a stable boy at the lord’s manor, who decided that following Morak was significantly more exciting than cleaning stalls.

Inspired by a result from Meatshields! The Classic Fantasy Hireling & Henchman Generator

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