Friday, June 7, 2013

Back to 4e - again

The last time my players and I sat down to play 4e was months and months ago. A span of months that usually counted as “a year”

Yeah, we’ve all been busy.

I haven’t spent much of any time over the last year thinking about 4e, or the adventure, except in general terms. I’ll be spending my lunch time today reading through it in preparation for tomorrow’s game.

Yeah, tomorrow. A game system I haven’t played in a year, an adventure I haven't thought about in a year, and today at lunch is my prep time.

It’s the sort of prep I usually associate with running something a little more old school.

Things I won't be doing include: Putting the corrected damage/defenses/HP in the adventure, writing up the encounter tracking sheets ahead of time, making sure I have the right minis for the parts of the adventure I expect we’ll get through.

What will I be doing? Rereading the background info, and scanning through the adventure itself. Oh, and trying to figure out what they’ve done so far. I would just go and reread the actual play report for the last game, but I never wrote it.


I don’t even have a draft.

Bad blogger, no cookie for me.

I think I’ve still got the encounter sheets though, so at least there’s that.

Expect a write up on Monday!

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