Thursday, September 8, 2011

RPG Blogger Carnival August Animal Roundup

August is well and truly over. September, with it's cooler temps, soggy weather, and worse traffic (as everyone is back from vacation and off to work or school) is here. This means 2 things here at Tower of the Archmage:

First, my month of hosting the RPG Blog Carnival is over. The creativity of everyone who participated is as always stunning. While I had originally wanted October and had planned on a Halloween/horror theme, I think that Animals ended up being an even better topic. It's one that isn't discussed nearly enough, yet can have a big impact on a game. The importance of the topic shows in the quality of the posts you wrote. You all rock, and I thank you for participating in your posts and comments.

Second, I am overdue getting the roundup written. It takes a while to compile everything, especially when you were all so prolific! I hope I didn't miss anyone. If I did, please let me know, and I'll add you to the list ASAP!

Now, without further ado - The List!!

Monsters and Manuals wrote an entire dog series!
Dog Personalities!
Orc Hunting Mastiffs
Basilisk Hound
Ghost Hound
Azumchefe Climbing Dog
The Paladin's Dog
He also wrote about magical octopuses

Zac at DnD with Pornstars came up with a Random chart: What dogs are available?

Sky Full of Dust stated up some Giant Bugs!

JD Jarvis of aeonsnaugauries explored PHB Animals examined in the context of the dungeon.

The Dump Stat wrote about Pet houses and Beastfolk Races

Anthony of Roleplay geek looked at the different roles of Animals in RPGs

Marshall of Division Nihil explored the benefits of Bonding with Animals. You really don't want to run into his goblins...

Nevermet Press wrote up some 4e Intelligent Ravens that can add some interesting spice to urban campaigns.

Trey of the Sorcerer's Skull shared some WWII Anthropomorphic animals.

Sporkchop shareed the Giraffelich - An evil herbivore. Just because it eats grass and leaves doesn't mean it can't kick your ass!

Fitz aka The Gassy Gnoll over at Game Knight Review did a 4 part series:
1. Familiars
2. Omens
3. Hunters
4. Heroes and Monsters

E.G.Palmer of Old Guard Gaming Accoutrements came up with some Killer Blink Frogs.

Talysman examines (and rants about) animal stats and also discusses the Purchase Costs of Animals

Kobold Quarterly shared a humorous Lemming Swarm that at first I thought was written by Bat!

bySwarm shared Beastfolk of the Dark Golden Age.

Geoffrey of the Stuffed Crocodile gave us some Ratmen and RatOgres.

"Ka-Blog!" of the Armchair General discussed Animal Themed Superheroes and Dog Superstitions.

Runeslinger wrote about the pros and cons of Animal Companions.

The Sea of Stars shared the Domesticated Animals in the Sea of Stars.

Matt from Surprise Round wrote about a boy born of a peach and his animal companions, as well as the Chinese Zodiac.

My own contributions include:
Guinea Drakes
Strange Rodents
An Exotic Pet Store
A look at PHB animals
and all my posts about dogs

Again, a big thank you to everyone who contributed!

Remember to head on over to this month's host, Roleplaying Tips. Watch yourself though! Assassins are lurking around every blog post....

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