Saturday, August 20, 2011

Phaelonian Exotic Pets

Location: A113
Store Type: Pet Store
Name: Phaelonian Exotic Pets

Hoots, howls, chirps, and tweets call passers by to turn an look into this spacious and chrome accented store. The front windows contain several different sections, each showing off a selection of the different pets they have available.

One feature that all the animals in the store share is their small size making them more suitable for more cramped space ships. In fact no creature for sale is bigger than a Terran house cat. The selection of animals will vary with every visit, though for some reason short haired golden hamsters are always available.


The proprietor is a sentient computer that roams the store as a chrome robotic arm attached to a series of tracks on the ceiling. At the end of the arms is a round sensor device with speaker attached.

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