Thursday, February 3, 2011

Zabaan of the Burning Sands

The Burning Sands is an expanse of sun bleached desert that hides the entirety of the fallen Empire of of Kal'Ra. In the last age the Empire was at war with other worldly beings, and they lost. The empire collapsed, and the desert sands covered it in a day. Fabulous wealth, treasures beyond imagining, and weapons unseen in a millennium yet reside in the great cities and castles of the Empire, which occasionally are revealed by the shifting winds of the Burning Sands. 

The Magus Zabaan crisscrosses the Burning Sands. He has no tower that he calls home. Rather he was known to stop at a variety of villages that ring the Burning Sands as he searches for ancient magics. Throughout his travels has had a number of companions, many of whom have continued on to have fame and wealth apart from Zabaan. The last and most famous of these companions is Sita Hatun Sultana, a talented and beautiful young woman who spent many years with Zabaan. On their last mission together, Sultana was retrieving a tome of mystical knowledge from a Kal'Ra ruin, when the spirit of the book tried to take control of her. In the ensuing conflict Sultana' lost her arm, and spent many months recovering. Zabaan spent that time creating for her the Vrachíona, and as soon as it was finished, he left her and the remaining companions, and headed out into the desert alone. He has not been seen in many years, and while some believe that his bones have long since been stripped by the sand and by the sun, Sultana and the rest of his former companions speak with one voice of Zabaan's continued exploration of the ruins of Kal'Ra.

If he still lives, Zabaan is a wizard of great power, and little interest in the goings on of the world. 

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