Friday, February 18, 2011

Rudolpho's Amazing Knick-Knack-Amatic!

The voices were muffled. A stone wall will do that. But if you had listened closely, you would have heard something like this:

I swear to you, there is a door here.

It's a dead end.

How many dead ends have we seen here so far? None. What makes you think this is the first?

Look, lets just see if we can't find a catch and open it up.

There wasn't much to hear for a couple of moments, and then the sound of stone grinding on stone as the wall opened up, revealing the four figures looking anxious.

The smallest of them slowly moved into the room, looking everywhere, but keeping at least one eye on the statue at all times. As he approached it, the statue spoke. "Seek ye the treasures of Kal'Ra? Than put your coin under my press and receive..."

This device is designed to turn coins into art objects. When coins are placed upon the octagonal stone, the elephant raises up the press stone, and smashes it down upon the coins. Consult the tables below for the results. For every additional coin used, add 1 to the roll, up to +6. For every result above 12, roll twice.

1 Small rubber ball
2 Nothing
3 Rock candy
4 Sour candy
5 Bone d6
6 Bone d12
7 Nothing
8 Wax lion (50% deformed)
9 Squashed coin
10 Tin monster figure
11 Tin soldier figure
12 Copper Ring (1sp value)

1 1d4 jacks
2 Nothing
3 Butterscotch disks 1d3
4 Peppermint disks 1d3
5 Bone d8
6 Bone d4
7 Trick coin (2 heads)
8 Ceramic cow creamer
9 Squashed coin
10 Tin large monster
11 Tin cavalry figure
12 Silver Pin (2gp value)

1 1d6 marbles
2 Nothing
3 White Chocolate
4 Dark Chocolate
5 Bone d20
6 Bone d10
7 Copper dice set
8 Brass monkey statue
9 Squashed coin
10 Tin dragon
11 Tin hero figure
12 Gold necklace (20gp value)

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  1. This is GREAT! I'm putting this in my game! Thanks for sharing!