Sunday, February 20, 2011

Boosting the signal

I doubt that there are many of you that don't already read most if not all of these blogs, but I just have to share.

Dyson, maker of maps extraordinaire, has created some basic D&D prestige classes. The basic rules are here, and then you can check out the Dark Assassin, Hierophant, Justicar, and the Stonelords. I also get the feeling that he isn't done, so keep checking back!

The Blog of Holding has a great idea for higher level characters who may take advantage of some honest pirates, and how it may come back to bite them.

Jeff's Gameblog wants to show you what gems look like in a variety of denominations. So far he's got 1,000gp, 500gp, and 100gp.

The ever fascinating Alexandrian spent some time talking about re-running a megadungeon. He continued this with a post on factions in the dungeon (B2 specifically), and earlier this week talked about goals in the megadungeon. It isn't all about clearing the dungeon!

The Paladin in Citadel's post from Tuesday about the Displacer Beast as a megadungeon villian fits into that amazingly well.

Finally over at Hack & Slash is a handy 30 page PDF that shows you want to do with all of those empty rooms in your megadungeon. The timing of this couldn't be better as I'm neck deep into working on level 2 of my own megadungeon!

I have high hopes for this.

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  1. Good links - I almost can't believe the pdf is free - and an excellent title for the post too.