Friday, February 11, 2011

Atoll of U'slim

It isn't keyed yet, but here is my map for the Sea of O'sr.

The only inhabitant is a marooned dwarf named Rathdal The Outcast. Clearly he has survived, prospered even, as the hut and the canoe indicate.


  1. Hey cool - very nice map. Rathdal must be kind of a skinny Dwarf, subsisting on coconuts for all those years. :)

    - Ark

  2. I love the concept -- I want to meet that dwarf!

  3. That really is a pretty map, and fun concept. I wonder what a resourceful dwarf could come up with even with so little to hand, and how he would feel given the looseness of the earth.

  4. @Arkhein~ I pictured him as skinny, with his skin burned brown and leather hard, and only this side of sane.

    @Carter Soles~ In a future post you will!

    @Porky~ Thank you! Next week I'll be posting more about him. I need to write it up first.

  5. I like the atoll! Eager to meet this swarthy dwarf of the sea.