Monday, April 26, 2010

The Well of Worlds

"Behold the Well of Worlds!" The Magus said, stepping aside. "This magical gate appears throughout the multiverse in a variety of forms. As you can see, mine looks like a simple stone well, the type that might appear in any town square or dungeon. Look a little closer, and you'll find the Well to be something quite different." He smiled at his student. "Step forward, and see for yourself."

Peering over the edge of the stone ring Aldrich first saw a pitch black fluid surface that rippled gently. As he looked, a bluish energy swirled around the edge of the Well. The energy built up, and shot deep down into the blackness, farther down than would be normally possible. 

It seemed to reach something, and draw it closer. The Well flashed with energy, and when Aldrich's eyes cleared he was looking down into a field of stars.

"Can you feel it pulling?" 

"Yes" Aldrich answered, and watched as the stars shifted and a blue green dot expanded until it filled his view, and it continued to expand and move closer and closer until Aldrich could make out a large city of gleaming white and blue buildings on a brilliant blue coast.  The view settled on an open rooftop.

"Where is that?"

"I don't know."  Aldrich looked surprised.  "There are a near infinite number of worlds, and this time the Well followed your direction."

The Well of Worlds is an ancient artifact of epic power.
History: This artifact was created by an immortal now forgotten.  A Well of Worlds has appeared on every world in the multiverse. 
Description: The Well most often appears as a simple stone well.  Inside the well is a slick looking black liquid.  When not activated anything dropped onto the surface of the well will simply float upon it no matter the weight.
Powers: The Well of Worlds has the following powers:
Any wizard who looks into it's surface may direct it to any location in the multiverse not shielded from scrying.
Acts as a crystal ball with clairaudience. 
Teleport any object with unlimited range
Will prevent all scrying attempts upon the owner of the well and it's immediate environs at will
Will prevent all teleportation and gate magics to the immediate area at will
Handicap: Extra-planer beings will be drawn to the Well of Worlds 10% of the time it is used plus 10% for every level under name level and will attempt to immediately destroy whoever uses it.  They will also be drawn to anyone who has ever used the Well when they then use any form of magical portal or transportation spell or item.
Penalty: Using the protective powers will prevent the user from scrying or teleporting for as long as the protection is active.  Using the teleport or scrying powers will reduce the owners constitution by 1 point for 1 hour.  If the users Con score is dropped to 0, he will die.


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