Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Podcast recommendations

I've listened to 2 podscasts - the PVP + PA podcast over at WotC, and the Expedition to the Ancient Academy podcast.  The PVP/PA/WW podcasts were all very enjoyable, and were probably the best introduction to 4e outside of actually playing myself. As you'd expect the sound quality was consistently pretty good, and everyone playing was clearly having a good time.

Expedition to the Ancient Academy lacked a little something in sound quality, but was a nice old school listen.  Having the map that the adventure was happening in helped too.

Unfortunately that's the only experience I've got with actual play podcasts.  What are your favorite podcasts?  Recommend me something!


  1. If you're looking for an outstanding 4E experience podcast, check out Critical Hit from the Major Spoilers crew:


    Good stuff and far and away my favorite.

  2. Bah! iTunes links...

    This might work better


  3. The sound for the Ancient Academy podcast is all from a relatively cheap digital recorder.

    After the old school game nights we get into some 4e for a couple of episodes, and now we're running through our Weird West campaign. I've got a better audio recorder ordered, but it hasn't arrived yet...

    Definitely check out Hal's RPGMP3 podcast - it's where I got the inspiration to do our show. :)

  4. Fear the Boot is the best.


    The only podcast I know of with their own convention.

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  6. My current podfeed looks like this:
    Icosahedrophilia http://d20.heardworld.com/ a 4E actual play podcast.

    KoreRPG http://www.korerpg.com a 3.5 actual play podcast (which sadly hasn't been updated since forever, but I know the guy in charge and he says he's working on getting a new one out soon).

    Return to Northmoor http://northmoor.spookyouthouse.com/ a 4E adventure, featuring session summaries and tips on running it yourself.

    Trapcast http://www.trapcast.com/ random discussions, mostly about RPGs, some... NSFW that can have to do with just about anything. (Hasn't been updated since late 2009, though they are saying that there's an episode on the way.)

    Plus I listen to Fear the Boot, Wizards official D&D podcast and other random ones when I find anything that sounds interesting.
    There's a site called http://www.rpgpodcasts.com/ that has a lot of links to podcasts, new updates at the top.

  7. Thanks all for the recommendations! I'll check them out.

  8. The Podgecast is good:


    Also Sons of Kryos, though they're on indefinite hiatus now. But w/ over 50 shows in the can, you could take a while to go through them.

    These two aren't D&D specific, or even primarily focused on D&D, but they are good role-playing podcasts.