Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The Candle Codex

 Rathgar and Nimble had seen some strange things before.  They had even seen utterly bizarre things, but a spherical book? One that can only be read while a candle burns inside of it?  They could only come to one conclusion: wizards were strange indeed.   

The Candle Codex is a magical book.  While it's parchment pages look quite old and fragile, it is really quite sturdy.  It is completely fire resistant, which is convenient, as a candle needs to be lit at the center of it for the book to be read.  When these conditions are met, the pages will become illuminated with a golden light and  will reveal information that usually is or will be useful to the reader.  The information provided is most often in the form of a story or history lesson, but rarely are the people or places known to the reader.  There is no way of directing what will be revealed, or any way of determining when it may be useful. 

Some versions of the Candle Codex, in addition to the power above, allow the owner to cast commune once per month.  In order to do so a Giant Bee's wax candle, inscribed with mystical runes and worth at least 1,000gp must be lit in the center of the codex.  When all of the questions are asked as per the spell, the candle will be consumed.

Codex created by Cinnabunny


  1. Good work.

    For the commune effect, should the question be inscribed on the candle itself? That way each answer would be visible as the candle burned down through that question and then vanish.

  2. Ingenious! I must use this in my LL game.

  3. @seaofstars~ Good idea! That fits it even better!

    @ancientvaults~ Please do!