Thursday, April 1, 2010

Lord of the Rings SBG Escilation League

I'm going to expand the focus of my blog to cover my other hobby - miniature wargames.  Mostly I focus on the hobby aspect of things, but the local GW shop is starting a 5 week Lord of the Rings escalation league, starting at 250 points, and going up by 250 points per week, until the last week when it switches to a 500 point War of the Ring game. 

Now my goal is to not have to buy anything, which should be doable considering my collection.  I'd love to do Rohan, but they really aren't the most competitive force, and I'd like to at least be competitive with my list, since my dice fail me so often.  So I've decided to do Isengard.  My initial list will include a mix of Uruk scouts and warg riders.  I'll be bringing my camera, so you can all look forward to some game recaps. 

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