Friday, April 2, 2010

Build me an army worthy of.... Gondor?

Going though my miniature collection last night, I realized that I probably don't have enough Isengard to fill 1,000 points.  If I managed to get all my warg riders painted (another dozen or so) I'd still be short by about 200 points, and that's using 3 characters and a captain. 

Seeing as I don't have time to time to paint a dozen warg riders plus an additional 200 points that I don't have, I need another option. 

The other force that I have a lot of figures for is Gondor.  I've got 16 knights, including a standard bearer, warriors, rangers, and characters.  I'm still about 100 points short, and I need to paint a couple more ranger and knights, but it's a lot less than the warg riders!  If I add Boromir, or a captain and standard bearer I'll be able to fill up my points pretty easily.  The captain and standard bearer would add a solid boost to the warriors.  Boromir on the other hand would be a monster, and a major boost to the knights, especially with his banner.  Considering that Boromir would be 230 points, he'd probably be the last thing added to my force. 

Captain of Minas Tirith


  1. Gorgeous. I'm in awe. Nice detailing on the White Tree!

  2. Thank you! Mostly it's just overbrushing and then going back with black and cleaning up any stray brush marks.