Friday, April 23, 2010

Gondor defends Helm's Deep from Rohan?

Boromir and Faramir on one of their weekend binges were out causing trouble. This time we find our “heroes” in Rohan. It turns out that Helm’s Deep had been left with the doors unlocked when the captains who were supposed to be standing guard went out to pick up more kegs of beer. When they got back and found the men of Gondor hanging out they decided to show them who’s really the boss of helms deep.

With Boromir and Faramir were Beregond and Damrod who were supposed to keep the brothers out of trouble, along with an assortment of knights, warriors and rangers.

Rohan’s captains brought with them 6 royal guard, a bunch of riders and warriors of rohan, as well as Ghân-buri-Ghân and some Woes.

Damrod, Beregond, and the rangers noted the coming of Rohan and alerted the rest of the troops who began to armor up. They took some pot shots at the oncoming force.

It wasn’t till several turns later, when the royal guard was about to knock on the front door that Boromir and Faramir came out to meet the former inhabitants of Helm’s Deep. In a fairly predictable outcome Boromir, Faramir and their knights overwhelm the royal guards.

In their drunken exuberance they surge forward into the rohan line. Unfortunately due to the small size of the gate the knights aren’t able to bring their full force to bear. This sadly resulted in Faramir getting knocked on the head and out of the fight, along with several of his buddies. Boromir, getting a little blue in the face from blowing his horn tried to get over to his brother, but kept being swarmed.

The knights finished trickling out of the gate and were swarmed by the men of Rohan and dragged off their horses. Even the mighty Boromir was dragged from his horse, not that he really noticed. He continued to toot his own horn and swing wildly at the men of Rohan around him. The warriors of Minas Tirith decided that they were not going to let Rohan back in, and so blocked up the gate.

Both Rohan and Gondor were getting worn out, and one ranger decided he’d had enough. The fighting continued on though.

Eventually everyone decided that it was just too damn hot to keep fighting that Rohan offered to bring in their kegs if Gondor let them back in. Boromir, tired from blowing his horn and swinging his sword thought this was a great idea. Grabbing the kegs everyone went inside and partied the rest of the day away.


As expected, this weeks game was the iconic Two Towers scenario of Helm's Deep.  One player would defend, the other attack. The objectives of the attacker were to breach the gate or the Deeping Wall and end the game with forces inside Helm's Deep.   The defender was to keep the attacker out, and to have forces outside of Helm's Deep.  Once again Mike was the only LotR player who came on Wednesday.  This time he brought his Rohan.  Since we're both playing good forces, we rolled off to see who would defend the Hornburg.  I "won" that roll.  However after 3 turns of farting around, waiting for him to come and break down the door, I decided to ride out.

Unlike last game, where my knights were able to hit en masse, I was hitting piecemeal, and he was able to wrap around and trap my knights as they arrived.  I broke first, but between Boromir and Damrod I managed to keep all but one ranger on the table.  2 turns later I broke the Rohan force.  A further turn or two passed and we started to roll off to see if the game would end.  We ended up slogging through 3 more turns before the dice ended the game.  We were just about matched for points, and he hadn't breached the wall or the gate, whereas I had troops outside the gate (barely), so I won!  Like last week I earned 3 more league points (for playing, winning, and achieving my scenario objective).

I have no idea what I'm going to do for the last game.  I need to add 250 more points, and I don't have that for Gondor, at least not unless I just add characters.  I may end up allying in some Rohan, which would fit in with this weeks battle report!!

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