Thursday, April 22, 2010

Fairy Tale Spell Names - The Bright Sun Brings It to Light

 Over at the Telecanter's Receding Rules he posted a list of fairy tale titles that would make interesting spell names, and challenged his readers to pick one and create a spell to go with the title.   This was the list he posted, and my spell is below.
  • The Palace of Revenge
  • The Prince of Leaves
  • The Fortunate Punishment
  • The Impossible Enchantment
  • The Devil with the Three Golden Hairs
  • The Bright Sun Brings It to Light
  • The Crumbs on the Table
  • The Thorny Road of Honor
  • The Last Dream of the Old Oak
  • The Story of the Wind
  • Beauty of Form and Beauty of Mind
  • The Storm Shakes the Shield
  • Go I Know Not Whither and Fetch I Know Not What

3rd level Clerical Spell
The Bright Sun Brings It to Light
Range: 0 (Cleric only)
Duration: 1 Turn
Effect: The cleric and a 30' spherical volume centered on cleric

When this spell is cast the cleric will glow with holy light.  This light will shine as per the Light spell, and will protect the cleric as if Protection from Evil has been cast upon him.  In addition, any illusion power of 3rd level or lower will be revealed so long as the light shines upon the area affected by it.  Phantasms become indistinct, invisible items or creatures appear as merely fuzzy around the edges, and ghost sounds become tinny and obviously faked.  

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