Friday, March 15, 2019

Mini workbench update

Wednesday’s game was postponed for the week because half the players couldn’t attend, so instead we had a painting night. It’s been a while since I painted anywhere other than in my apartment, so I quickly threw together a traveling paint kit with the paints currently on my paint tray, and grabbed one of the scarecrows, the Oathsworn human thief, and a bag of Bones bugbears and gnolls (in case someone wanted something to slap paint on).

Turns out that the lighting isn’t great, and I didn’t bring my visor, or my good brushes… So I blocked in the colors on the thief, poked at the bones of the scarecrow, and ended up brown lining a whole bunch of bugbears and gnolls, some of which already had some paint on them from when my nieces and nephews tried their hands at painting.

For the thief, I used Tanned Shadow on her face and hands, Redstone Shadow on her hair, XXX Olive for her leather armor, Nut brown for the shoulder armor, backpack, and belt. Walnut Brown for the pants and boots. I tried to get a touch of Dirty Bone in for her eyes. It’s going to need a bunch of cleanup… but she’s ready for the next steps!

As far as the bugbears and gnolls go, I’m going to replace the weapons for the bugbears with the floppy maces from Bones 2. I’m thinking a spear, sword, and maybe a beastman’s flails. For the gnolls, probably something similar. I wonder if I have a pick somewhere… Also, I noticed that several of the shields are poorly glued, so I’m gonna have to fix those too.

Funny thing is, I wasn’t planning on working on these minis, but now that I am, I feel like I should just… do it, and have some fun while I’m at it. I guess I found my March project!

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