Monday, March 25, 2019

Elquin High Elf Adventurer part 1

One of my fellow players asked if I had an alternate mini for their elf wizard character. He’d been using 77068: Anirion, Wood Elf Wizard, but wanted something less… robe-y.

“I sort of feel that Disney's Wizard's Apprentice wizard, Yen Sid, with his robe spoiled it for wizards for evermore."

While I disagree with the sentiment, I’m not gonna argue about how someone envisions their character!

It turns out there are not a lot of wizards who aren’t in robes. But 77092: Elquin, High Elf Adventurer fits the bill…

Of course I haven’t painted him yet, so I asked what colors, and said I’d see what I could do.

“Use these only as guidelines. Gold eyes and dirty blond/orange hair. Skin tone leaning towards very very deeply tanned. As for the rest of his outfit, please choose colors suitable for adventuring, I guess? Anything is awesome. :-D”

I started by boiling him, a step I usually don't bother with, but his staff was severely warped so it needed to be done. Not only did it straighten out the staff, it seems to have firmed it up a bit. Then I washed him in warm soapy water and then glued him to a base. I then cleaned up some of the mold lines before washing him down with brown liner. Then I noticed more mold lines, and went back over him.

His skin is a blend of Rosy Skin and Tanned Shadow. The jacket is Peacock Green, while the cloak is Afterburn Grey, and the trim is Desert Stone. I don't remember what I used for the hair, but whatever it was, I'm not thrilled with it, so I'll probably be going over it again.

At this point the colors are only blocked in to give my friend a chance to comment on my choices so far. So much for a quick and simple paint job, hua?