Monday, March 4, 2019

February in Review

Between finishing my auditing class, and gearing up for the audit at work, it wasn’t the most productive month for my hobbies.

I made plans with my D&D gamers to play some Frostgrave, but we had to bump the session into March.

In the Curse of Strahd game, my character came super close to death. SUPER CLOSE.Had to miss the most recent session due to working late, which unfortunately was the big fight at the end of the chapter.

My players have moved into the 4th level of Stonehell, and I’m SUPER EXCITED. At first I was a bit bummed that they killed off the medusa accidentally, but there are more nasty things coming… I’m curious to see what they’re going to do with the dropped threads of Ka’Nefer and the Hothouse… Just keep avoiding them, or really go for the quest XP?

I spent a snow day speed painting some ghouls and twig blights/sapprolings, so in that way it was super productive. I also finished up the ogre, and poked a bit as my character mini.

Beyond that there was tons of assembly! It’s enough that at this point I’m waiting for a semi-warm day so I can just spray prime the bunch. I’ve got tons else to work on, and just got the new Tribal minis for Ghost Archipelago, with the wizards box to follow, and Bones 4 arriving probably sometime in March.

Total Minis Painted: 12 (5 ghouls, 6 blights, 1 ogre)

A rather light media month. Not a whole lot of reading or watching…

Bandwidth (An Analog Novel Book 1) by Eliot Peper
Reread the Frostgrave rulebooks in anticipation of getting a game going.

Movies/TV Watched
Supernatural (finished season 11)

I’m kind of at a loose end with my minis. Nothing is super calling out to me to paint. Part of that is the anticipation of Bones 4, and part because I don’t need anything at the moment for game. I’m sure something will come to me. And if it doesn’t, I can always paint up some more goblins or something.

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