Monday, March 11, 2019

Captain Marvel

On Friday night (International Women's Day) my bride and I went off to see MCU's newest installment, Captain Marvel.

A Mostly Spoiler Free Review

It was good! It definitely fits in well with the rest of the universe, adding new layers to Fury (Mr. Tough Guy who melts for a cute cat) and... Okay, so I'm not sure that Phil Coulson actually got any real character development, but it was nice to see him as a new SHIELD agent. On top of that we get some familiar faces from GotG.

As for the new faces, well, Captain Marvel herself was fantastic. I loved how tough she was, and yet also snarky funny. Where you could pound on Captain America and he'd just say "I could do this all day", Captain Marvel would say "Is that the best you've got?" while smirking.

As for the supporting cast, her best friend Maria Rambeau (and her daughter) were great. I really appreciated how strong these characters were, and how storng their bond was, and how it didn't feel the need to involve a guy.

Jude Law as the Kree Yon-Rogg was a perfect casting decision. And the rest of their Kree squad? Characterful, and visually interesting. It does make me wonder about Kree biology though...

The movie itself took a little bit to pick up steam, but once it did, it was marvelous.

Oh, and my bride (who is not really into comic book movies) liked it more than Wonder Woman.
When I asked her what it was that she like, these were her top thoughts.

  • Costume "You're a superhero! Suit up!"
  • No love interest
  • Best friend
  • Best friend's daughter

So if you were on the fence, go see it!

Oh, and the tribute to Stan Lee... I was not prepared for that.

Lastly, stay till the very end. Obviously. Do I even need to say that?

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