Wednesday, March 6, 2019

5e: Fall of the House of Durst

I wasn't able to attend the last session of the first chapter of the Curse of Strahd, but one of my fellow players gave me the bullet points.

  • Hani's wizard had a strange dream while unconscious that the house was smoking and burning
  • The sprite (worse for wear) re-appeared and woke up Hani's wizard, who then managed to sneak away to a shadowy corner of the altar room unnoticed.
  • Tener's dwarf continued to stall Elizabeth, who LOVES to hear herself talk.
  • I snuck upstairs through the trapdoor to the front door and made a big racket with Thaumaturgy to get some of the monsters out of the altar room. I was ignored. But I noticed that things were feeling very spooky and vengeful upstairs.
  • Andrew and I met back in the jail room. Where we ran into the orb of light (the dead sprite). The orb lead us to the altar room, where we lurked and watched still more talking from Elizabeth.
  • In another attempt to stir the pot and troll the Dursts, I used my last spell to disguise myself as THE DEAD NURSEMAID who Mr. Durst knocked up and Elizabeth killed. I made a big entrance and started yelling at them in Infernal about where my baby was. That DID cause a reaction. Mr. Durst AKA the Ghast fell for it and started getting very agitated. Elizabeth did not fall for it, but her head spun around and she started monologuing angrily at me. I also tried to turn undead to thin out the herd a little. That didn't work.
  • While they were yelling at me, the others snuck away from the undead and regrouped in a corner.
  • Elizabeth started yelling that she needed a blood sacrifice from one of us on the creepy altar or no one was leaving.
  • Elizabeth started stretching out and looking generally weird and creepy
  • Weird sulfur smell started filling the room.
  • Someone (I can't remember who) noticed that the Elizabeth-thing was actually blind (which was why my disguise didn't fool her)
  • I started using Thaumaturgy to throw my voice around the room, further distracting Elizabeth - who was controlling all the monsters.
  • Elizabeth looks even creepier. Room smells more like sulfur.
  • None of us can figure out the sacrifice thing. I'm sorry to say we did briefly consider the sprite before snapping out of it.
  • In a Hail Mary move, I throw the dead nurse's locket (which we found upstairs) to the Durst-Ghast. Thank you for not making me roll for that, Diana. Remember that Elizabeth stabbed the nurse AKA Durst's latest girlfriend to death. Durst-Ghast loses it and starts attacking Elizabeth.
  • Elizabeth starts melting into a horrible slime monster as they duke it out.
  • We run like hell.
  • When we get back upstairs to the den, we find that the ghosts of Elizabeth's victims have animated all of Durst's animal trophies, insect collections, and furniture into a huge angry SOMETHING that is dead set on kicking Durst ass.
  • Slime monster Elizabeth erupts through the trapdoor and casts hold person on everyone except Hani.
  • The ghosts continue to tear up the house and incorporate the wreckage into their house-monster.
  • Hani runs to the door - the killer fog is gone and we can see some houses in the (not killer) mist.
  • Hani desperately drags the rest of us out of the house one by one.
  • The Elizabeth slime monster starts crawling up Tener's leg and dissolving it.
  • Going out in a blaze of glory, Tener headbutts Elizabeth (thus having his face melt off while maintaining a sarcastic smirk of defiance)
  • The house monster starts to pound Elizabeth in a battle royale not fit for low level characters.
  • From just outside the front steps, we watch as the house implodes, totally destroying Elizabeth and everything inside it. The sprite orb does make it out - seeming having been the ringleader for the ghost vengeance revolt.
  • The cellar door opens and you climb out, having finally rouge-ed your way out of the basement. WHERE WERE YOU GUYS?!
  • Creepy ravens are in the trees, mocking our terror and general poor-ass condition.
  • A creepy (but strangely extremely helpful) lady appears from amongst the ravens and leads us to a caravan of wagons where we can rest
  • We collapse
  • Apparently somewhere in Barovia Strahd is slow-clapping our hijinks
  • The end

Looking forward to seeing what tonight brings...

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