Monday, March 18, 2019

Ghouls Speed Paint

How did I miss posting about these?

Back in February I had an unexpected snow day. First one in a decade! So I decided to take advantage of it, and paint up some minis. My DM needed some more ghouls, so out came some mantic ghouls that I had assembled ages and ages ago, primed, and then put away. Along with them a half dozen of Reaper Saproling Warriors aka Twig Blights. Although they’re medium, rather than small, so maybe Branch Blights is more accurate? Awakened Shrubs? I also worked on the 2 large Bones scarecrows, but they were incidental efforts and I still haven’t finished them, so I’m going to ignore them for now.

Today’s all about the ghouls, and tomorrow I’ll post about the blights.

They were already assembled and primed, so the first thing was to paint the undead flesh. I used Vampire Shadow for their sickly skin. It didn't quite match the ghoul I'd painted before, but it was close enough. I sadly didn't always take good notes...


After that I decided that as these were primarily going to be gaming ghouls, and not for a unified force for Kings of War, they'd each get their own clothing color: Red, Green, Blue, Tan, and Dark Brown. I used Rusty Red, Muddy Olive, Rich Indigo, Desert Stone, and Ruddy Flesh. The eyes were all painted with Walnut Brown, as were the spikes sticking out of them.


Then I washed them all with a mix of 4 parts sepia wash and 1 part black wash.


A little bit of highlighting with the base clothing color, then it was time to paint the bases black, and then flock them! Oh, and a bit of watered down rusty red around the mouth.


Oh, and aged pewter on the spikes and the cleaver.


Looking good for such quick work.

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