Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Frostgrave Demo

I managed to talk my D&D group into giving Frostgrave a try! I decided to have them play a simple scenario, collecting magical fruit from a long lost garden. I filled a 3x3 board with a bunch of terrain, including lots of GW trees, a small graveyard. Each player got a wizard with a staff, a man at arms, thug, thief, and archer, and an individualized stack of spells. There was an illusionist, necromancer, enchanter, and witch. I had them roll off to pick their wizards, then they each placed a treasure token, then rolled again for picking table edges.

Once everyone was deployed, I added the 5th and final treasure to the center of the board, and set out 8 tree monsters who were defending the magical grove. I used the stats for Medium Constructs for them. Then they rolled for initiative, and jumped right in.

Every round each wizard tried to cast spells, but the dice were against them, I think everyone over the course of the 5 rounds we played took damage from failing to cast. The necromancer was successful in casting Raise Zombie early on, and then casting Summon Imp, but the remarkable string of failures to cast spells I have to attribute to the fact that they were all (but the necromancer) using my dice.

The number of tree monsters did limit somewhat the interactions between players, though the necromancer and witch did get into it, and the illusionist harassed the enchanter with her archer. The tree monsters were semi-effective, with one continually pushing the Witch off the wall it was trying to climb up to claim a treasure, and another that killed both a man at arms and a thief in 2:1 combat in the same turn.

By the end of the game, each team had secured a treasure, 2 were off the board, and 2 were on their way. The center treasure remained unclaimed.

Going forward everyone seems to think that a monthly game/campaign is the way to go. One really wants to play Thaw of the Lich Lord, which seems reasonable to me! I think I’ve got most of the necessary figures to do it.

Now I just need to decide what warband to bring...

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