Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Undead of October part 5

To round out the skeletons that I finished last post, I painted the belts and boots of the skeletons Earth Brown, and decided that they were done.

I do want to point out that the greatsword skeleton’s left arm was glued onto his ribcage, rather than into the shoulder socket were it was supposed to be. I noticed this the other night and fixed it, but forgot to say anything about it.

Since these 9 are done, time to move onto… Well, I guess the elf, dwarf, and halfling are closest to done? Certainly it'll be some of these skeletons.

Sadly these guys are still mostly being ignored.

First up are the elf, dwarf, and halfling. I used Earth Brown, Succubus Kiss, Fresh Blood, Goblin Skin, and Nightmare Black, as well as some Yellowed Bone. It was washed with sepia wash. The blades and armor were Scorched Metal, Aged Pewter, and Blade Steel. I think they're really close to done.

DEATH's robes got another coat of Nightmare Black. The Sepia wash made it extra glossy. It's hard to see, but I used Succubus Kiss on the cloth wrapping on the scythe. Gonna see what I can do to highlight the robes while still making them look black.

Really liking Succubus Kiss, with Fresh Blood to bring it up. When Bones 4 arrives, I'm thinking the wraiths are going to get the same basic color scheme. Looks a little more interesting than just ringwraith black.

Styx got a Goblin Skin colored shirt, and Pine Green hat, while Heckelmyer's motley was again Nightmare Black and Succubus Kiss with Fresh Blood. I'm debating adding some checkered pattern to the clothing... where it isn't ruined anyway!

Okay, I was feeling a little bad that I'd been ignoring the mummies, so with a watered down Earth Brown, I washed the wrapped mummies to make them look dirtier.

I also continued my love affair with Succubus Kiss.

Never got around to working on the Minotaur or the dragonborn skeletons. Next time probably, though I'm rapidly running out of October...

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