Friday, October 5, 2018

Graveyard part 2

Back in August I took an evening and did a little more work on my graveyard fences and the crypt. Due to the awful texturing I encountered with the spray paint, I decided that I wasn't going to worry about the interior of the crypt, and decided to focus my attention on the more important exterior.

I liked the plaques on the outside, and decided they should be the same bronze as the roof. I also added bronze accents to the gates and fences.

And this was how it all looked in the middle of August. Early in September I decided to finish it up, finally...

I assembled the crypt, cleaning up a few details that needed it.

I also added a bronze sword to the central panel.

And here it all is!

Total Minis for 2018: 64 (Fence Gate (x2), Fence Ruin A (x3), Fence Ruin B (x3), Short Fence (x5), Fence Post (x12), Long Fence (x6), Obsidian Crypt)

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