Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Spooky Familiars

It's the spooky time of year, so a wonderful time to pull out all the ghouls and goblins to work on. I've already worked on lots of goblins this year, and ghouls weren't grabbing my attention, so I grabbed a few teeny tiny familiars: crow/raven, cat, and bat. Each was given a grey liner base coat and nightmare black body. I used Heraldic Red for the eyes of the raven and mouth of the bat.

Front view

For the cat, I decided to be a little silly, and painted her up like Luna from Sailor Moon. So she has anime eyes done using Linen White and Heraldic Red, a little god dot on her forehead, and a 50/50 mix of splattered crimson and Pale Flesh Shadow for the ears and nose.

The smallest bases I could find were 20mm, so that's what they got based on. Being so tiny they needed something. The bat wouldn't stand up on it's own, and the raven and cat would both fall over if you looked at them sideways. The bases for the bat and raven are built up with cork and some rough sand, and painted with mountain grey, washed with flesh wash and red and green inks, then highlighted up with Mountain Stone mixed with increasing amounts of Linen White. The cat got the same deal, but without the cork.

Rear view
Still need to clean up the bottom of the bases, and give them a clear coat.

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