Thursday, October 19, 2017

Diorama & Painting Thoughts

As ReaperCon got closer and closer, and I realized I'm not going to be able to get the diorama done in time, at least not to the level I want. I found that my attention was drawn more toward doing some fun, relatively simple minis to a tabletop standard. That's why I worked on the familiars and grave hounds.

Most of the painting I've done this year has been to a tabletop standard. Tabletop plus in most cases, and I'm happy with the painting I'm doing. It isn't award winning level painting, though I've pulled off award level painting in the past. It's a lot of effort and a lot of stress. And it isn't my job. I don't hobby professionally. I don't teach classes, take commissions, I don't give online tutorials. At most, you get a couple of sentences here about what colors I used. Mostly I paint for me.

So I'm going to focus on what I enjoy, and that's getting things painted. Hell, that's why I went with Bones in the first place, to have something to paint that I could practice simply getting things painted. (I may have slipped a bit into just collecting all the Bones...) I haven't really followed through on that, but I'm getting better. And by doing my best to incrementally get better and better, learning and trying out new techniques and styles, I can compete with the one person who I need to compete with: Myself. As long as I keep getting better, I'll be happy.

What does that mean for the diorama? Mostly that it'll be entered in 2018. I'm going to keep working on it, and try to make it awesome. For this year, I'm taking the sorceress and entering her alone. I'll swap in another figure to replace her on the diorama...

I put the sorceress on a 30mm lipped base, greenstuffed it smoothish, and then painted the torchlight and shadows onto the base. I went through a couple of different ways to paint the light before settling on this... I mean, I think I've settled on this.

Yes. This.

Also going to enter the The Red Herald, Disciple of Cthon that I've been frantically working on since Friday... you know, less than a week before the Con... But that's another post that I don't have time to write right now!


  1. I read your blog via Feedly. I don't know if you get to see stats from people that read via RSS feeders, so I wanted to drop in and let you know I love reading your stuff. Thanks for continuing to post.

    1. Honestly, I'm not sure how my stats account for RSS readers, but I'm glad you're enjoying my blog! I'm even more glad you let me know!