Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Hangout Figure of the Month: September

With ReaperCon just weeks away, the general consensus was to pick something easy. So, Reaper's Animal Companions. I've already painted the bear, wolf, and wolverine, so I'll paint up the cat and the bird.

Previously painted animals

I've also got a bunch of other animals, and the temptation to just paint them all up is strong, but given everything else, I'm just gonna focus on these 2. As usual, I washed them in soapy water and gave them a good scrub with a toothbrush to clean them off. I decided to make use of my massive pile of bases and even to add some sand/gravel to them before painting. Crazy, right? Then I primed everything with Brown Liner. Still bummed that the Sepia Liner doesn't hold up better.

Starting with the cat, I decided to paint it up as a snow leopard. Maybe not the easiest paint scheme, but it fits better in Frostgrave than a black panther. Originally I thought about using either Grey or Blue, but in looking at pictures of them, they definitely have a more brown base to their colors. I brought up the fur with Linen White until it was nearly white.

The spots/markings were done with Ebony Flesh and Linen White. Getting them right was not easy, but I kept a couple of pictures up on the computer screen as I painted, and that helped, sort of. The eyes are Lantern Yellow. The nose is Pure Black, while Splattered Crimson was used for the teeny bit of mouth you can see.

For the bird, I figured some blood-hawk/crow thing would work best. Since it's a fictional bird, I decided to make it up on my own. I used Ebony Flesh (shock, right?) and Splattered Crimson to bring out some markings on the wings and head.

The branch is brought up with Ebony Flesh and Linen White to make it look like it's been heavily weathered. The stone is Grey Liner then Ebony Flesh brought up with Desert Stone.

Both figures were pretty quick and easy, and that's 2 more minis painted!

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