Friday, October 13, 2017

Grave Hounds

In keeping with the month's theme, I painted up the Grave Hounds from Bones 3's graveyard expansion. As always, they were washed in warm water with dish soap, and given a good scrub with my craft toothbrush. I based them on 25mm round bases from Reaper, and basecoated them with grey liner. I painted the bodies with (DARK BROWN) and brought up the fur on one with leather brown giving it a more yellow brown color, and on the other I just added in a bit of Linen White to bring the color up.

The exposed bone was painted with Bone, and the ripped and torn flesh with Splattered Crimson highlighted with Heraldic Red.

The integrated bases were blended in a bit with some leftover greenstuff and covered with sand that was painted Mountain Grey, then brought up with increasing amounts of linen white mixed in with the mountain stone, and given a splash of flesh wash to add in a bit more depth.

Quick and easy minis. Gotta love both undead and animals when you want to get something painted up quickly.

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