Wednesday, October 18, 2017

ReaperCon here I come!

In just a few hours I'll be on my way to ReaperCon!

It's less of a "fuck it, I'm going" this year, and more of a "that was awesome! I'm totally going again!"

This year I'm taking 3 classes, signed up to play in a couple of games, and bringing a bit less than what I brought last time. Since I didn't get the diorama done, I'm only entering the painters division. I'm going to keep working on the diorama, and will enter it next year.

Last year's classes ended up being an oddball mix from painting to basing to sculpting to converting /kitbashing minis. This year, I'm focusing only on painting. I'm taking:
  • Fluid Filled Objects
  • Monster Skintones
  • Red Leather & Yellow Leather
I hope that this will help up my painting level going forward.

I'm also bringing several minis that I want some expert takes on. Painter's Row, with all the professional painters is an amazing resource, and I intend on making better use of it this time around, rather than just drooling over the display pieces.

I'm still gonna drool over the display pieces.

Among the goodies included this year is a resin dragon bust. I've never painted a bust before, so I'm kinda looking forward to giving it a shot. Of course I'll need to get a good display base to show it off on...

As for other goodies, I don't actually plan on getting much of anything outside of what comes with my ticket. I'm good on paints, more than good on minis, and incredibly short on space to store stuff... So mostly I'm going to have a good time and see if I can't level up my painting!

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