Wednesday, October 25, 2017

DCC Reviews

So after a bunch of reviews, you might be wondering why am I suddenly focused on reviewing DCC adventures? Especially since I'm running 5e and RC edition D&D, and haven't mentioned running any DCC...

In large part it's because I enjoy reading adventure modules. Even with 2 regular games, there's always more I want to run. Getting to read the adventures at least gives me a flavor for what might happen if I ran it. Interestingly, having 2 different groups that I'm running means that while reading it, there are 2 different ways I can easily see those groups tacking them.

I also like to mine the adventures for ideas. I'm not going to specifically point out which ideas I've stolen, or plan on stealing, since some of my players read my blog!

There's also the fact that I *have* the adventures on my shelf, and since my shelf is a bit thin since moving, I'm trying to give what's on the shelf some attention. Part of the same reason I pulled out Tales from the Floating Vagabond.

Looking through my shelf, these are the adventures that I've still to review:
Masks of Lankhmar
Through Ningauble's Cave
Chaos Rising
The One Who Watches from Below
Emirikol Was Framed
The 13th Skull
Sailors on the Starless Sea
DCC Free RPG Module 2012
DCC Free RPG Module 2014
DCC Free RPG Module 2016 (I have no idea where 13 or 15 are...)

Hope you're enjoying them!

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