Saturday, October 28, 2017

ReaperCon SWAG!

As usual, the VIP package for ReaperCon was way worth the cost. Aside from the dinners (which were okay to good) you walked away with a whole bunch of minis and paint.

4 faction minis, 2 Mouselings, 1 Sophie, Con Crud the zombie, resin werewolf and scarecrow minis, 6 paints, a blister pack of extra bases, and 1 resin dragon bust. And if you visited each of the vendors, you got a free All Hallow's Eve mini. And that's just from Reaper!! Oh, and the paint cup!

PaintRack also gave out paint cups. Darksword tossed in an elven archer, badger tossed in an airbrush primer, Happy Seppuku gave a free base texture stamp, Frontline games gave a small tub of flock, and Mage Case gave everyone a free figure case...

On top of that, I got a few minis from the melt table, including the 2014 convention special figure and a pumpkin headed bugbear bottlecap!

A friend who won boxes of Bones minis tossed a bunch on a tray, and I snagged a few. Also got several of the Xmas holiday minis, and an Urban Legends Sophie from the factory shelves. I'll need to get her wings next year.

From the non-Reaper vendors I snagged a couple more base stamps (temple courtyard and splintered wood). From FreebladesI got a cool dryad and snake charmer sorceress. And from Bombshell minis I snagged 2 small familiars and a one eyed tiger space pirate.

And of course there was the auction where I won 3 more of the mage cases!

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