Tuesday, April 12, 2016

The Jade Knives

A flash of green was Nimble's only warning. Perched on the edge of the roof, there wasn't really anywhere to go except 40 feet straight down, so instead of flinching away from the knife, he moved toward it. The stab of pain in his arm just below his shoulder made him question his life's decisions up to that point. Without having seen his opponent, his own blade shot out catching something made of flesh and bone, and sinking deep into it. It crashed into him, twisted the blade from his fingers, and in a failing heap they tumbled along the edge of the roof punching, kicking, and grabbing at each other. Nimble came out on top, and slammed his fist into the face of the masked woman under him. She slumped, her eyes rolling back in her head when her nose broke.

The blood flowed freely from the gash in Nimble's arm, mixing with the blood oozing from around the dirk in her gut on the rooftop. He yanked the dark green sash from around her waist and painfully bound up his arm.

Nimble pulled the mask from her face, but didn't recognize the young woman. She probably looked better before he'd pounded her face into a red and swollen mess, but the bubbles around her mouth and nose showed she was still alive. He patted her down, and found nothing else on her. The knife was off to the side. The green blade looking almost luminous. As he reached to pick it up the world spun, and Nimble collapsed to the roof.

A flash of consciousness, more spinning, sudden and intense pain all over, and a scream.

"Hey, you're awake." Allianora smiled down at him, her face lit by sunlight streaming through colored glass windows. "You were found on the street with this wrapped around your arm. Making new friends?"

The assassins of the Jade Knife are a primarily female organization, training young rich and/or noble daughters in the art of killing. The usually operate in boarding schools, hidden among the regular staff, teaching those who show the talent and inclination.They are named for their trademark weapon, which is usually poisoned, but like most assassins they are skilled with most lighter and smaller weapons, as well as unarmed combat, poison, and anything else that they can use to cause death.

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