Thursday, April 7, 2016

Fellowship of the Fallen Angel

The sigils painted on the wood of the stage held her more firmly than any cage could, but none of the fools kneeling before her would ever see them.

"Say it" The voice hissed from behind her. The nails in her wings twisted as he flexed her wings, bolts of pure agony shooting through her body. Knowing his soul was damned was little consolation.

"I come with a message to all faithful beings!" A blood dripped down her back, a drop for every tear she couldn't shed. "You have been chosen. Your souls guaranteed a place in paradise!" The crowd of villagers gasped, and a murmur of voices rose up. "But even... paradise isn't without it's price. Tonight," she swallowed hard "tonight you must purge the unbelievers among you. Those who give false witness. Those who are not true. As dawn breaks, return here to receive your reward." The lights all instantly go out.

Moments later, a single light illuminates the stage, and standing where the angel had been is man in black red trimmed robes. At his feet is a small chest. "You have heard the glad tidings!" his voice cheers from the shadows of the hood. "Come forward, you of pure heart, you who wish to receive paradise. Within this chest is the key to your ascension."

The crowd surged forward, and multiple hands reached forward to open the box. The gleam of steel shined from the box, and there was a collective pause as the knives came into view.

"Purge these who do not deserve..." the robed man urged "And at dawn you will receive everything you desire!"

Behind the curtain, the angle silently sobbed in her prison.

Hesitantly at first, and then with growing fervor, the knives were taken from the box... It would be a red dawn, and the ritual would be complete! With the temple now empty, the man in the robe called his fellow cultists to inscribe the floor for the ritual. 

To Summon A Pit Fiend you must first capture and break a divine being. Lesser angels are best for this. The process is involved, and is more thoroughly detailed in chapter 66-6. In short, you must trap them using enocian script, hide them from being scried, and then torture them until they break. Do not reveal your plans, lest the angel work to specifically foil them. They are tricky creatures, do not be fooled by their acts of innocence. The angel must then cause mortal souls to engage in bloody sinful behavior. At least 3 dozen must die by the hands of their fellow mortals. Following that, they must sacrifice themselves with the same bloody weapons. Once the last falls, use the blood to inscribe the symbols below into the already prepared summoning circle. See diagrams 1-5 below. Once done, the angel must be doused with holy oil and burned alive in the center of the circle.

Note that control of the demon is not imparted by this ritual. See Chapter 86-7 for rituals to bind major demons.

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