Saturday, April 23, 2016

Starshadow Gazers

The moon hung low over the jagged mountain tops, casting her pale glow that stole the colors from the world. Thin wisps of clouds did little to hide her pregnant face, nor the stars aligning on this, the shortest night of the year. While the darkness would not last long, it would not be wasted. The quintet of figures climbed the stone steps. In front, striding up the stairs two at a time, impatient to begin, Kexxor Night-Watcher wore his ritual helm, complete with great brass horns and skull face plate. His muscled chest and arms were bare, and his hair blew in the mountain breeze.

Behind him, Tamax and Xamis dragged the sacrifice between them. Her arms were bound in iron chains, and her body bare but for the loin cloth. Bruises covered her arms where the chains bit too tightly, and her feet were scraped and sore from the rough stone.

Atop the mountain, a silent mass of hooded figures waited.  Kexxor stood facing the silent congregation. Slowly he drew his silver dagger, holding it up in the moonlight. And turned to face the sacrifice. Xamis shoved her to her knees, and they pulled hard on the chains, stretching her arms wide. She closed her eyes and turned away from the sight of the blade held above her.

The blade plunged deep into her chest, , piercing her skin, sliding cleanly between her ribs, and skewering her heart. Her body shuddered, and she let out a single soft gasp when Kexxor pulled the knife swiftly out. Tamax and Xamis relaxed their hold on the chains, and the sacrifice slumped forward. Blood pooled beneath her kneeling form.

As the blood stained the rock, the silvery light of the moon was also stained and crimson light shined down upon the world. In the shadows between the stars, something stirs at the sight of a blue orb turned red...

Between the stars that burn so brightly are shadows, dark and primordial that hide things. Out in the fringes, unseen things older than demons and gods lurk waiting for the light of those stars to burn red, to die... There is power in that silence, that darkness, out in the void, and if you're willing to call upon it. 
Introduction of the Nox Eternia

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