Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Frostgrave: Fountains and Fell Huts

On Saturday 4/2 We got together to play the 3rd game of our local campaign. All 7 players in the group made it out for this game, and we ran the Haunted Huts and Well of Dreams and Sorrow scenarios. There were a total of 12 huts and 2 wells on the board.

Chris, our gracious host, has already posted his report on the game here.
Don posted his here.

My force consisted of the following:
Ziwong Lingzhu - Necromancer 1
Ziwang Puren - Apprentice
Sir Hellsbane - Knight
Rathgar - Man-At-Arms
Deadeye - Marksman
Longshot - Crossbowman
Knuckles - Thug
Hook - Thug
Fagan - Thief
Dome - Thief
Princess - Dog

The board at setup. My huts and DDS terrain included.

Deploying my force. I split them into two major groups. The  apprentice was going after the treasure on the hill. The wizard was going straight for the 100xp for drinking from the fountain.

Chris (and his illusionist Kodak), the host was directly across from me, while Don (and his druid/witch) was to my right.

Lingzhu makes it to the fountain, and drinks before anyone else can spit into it. He didn't see the snow leopard stalking up behind him however. Sir Hellsbane stands between his master and Kodak's forces.

Puren the apprentice and his force head for the treasures on the hill.

The cat arrives, followed by Lingzhu's bodyguards.

As is typical when facing Don's animals, they do more than their fair share of damage to my force, this time taking out both Lingzhu and Dome the thief.

Up on the hill things get rough. Chris' apprentice falls victim to several bone darts and crossbow bolts, but the arrival of the archers makes things less than fun. Only the emergence of a wraith in the hut cause them to flee, which gives Fagan the chance to grab the treasure at the top of the hill.

Sir Hellsbane tried to snag a treasure from Chris' thief, but is ganged up on, and bites it.

So many monsters on the table. Besides an unexpectedly high number of wraiths (1/4 chance in each hut, with 12 huts, and we had I think 5 wraiths on the board, and no one had any magic weapons to fight them with) there were also a bunch of random encounters, including rats, wild dogs, a vampire, a mummy, and two toads (above) that were making life difficult for my thief trying to sneak off with a treasure. .

Don's ranger and marksman (or crossbowman?) closing in on my force to try to take more treasure.

It's hard to see, but next to the outhouse is my felled apprentice. Dropped by a crossbow bolt.

Hook trying for one more treasure. He summons a wraith, runs and hides, and then runs back in when the wraith goes the right way away from my force and toward Don's marksman! Hook books it toward the board edge.

My casualties! Princess and Dome the Thief both suffer mortal wounds. Lingzhu decides to replace princess with a skeleton dog the next time he ventures into Frostgrave.

The guys who got the gold! 180 gold are recovered, as well as a grimoire and a Fate Stone! In spite of Lingzhu's being knocked out of the game early, he still manages to go from level 1 to level 4 thanks to Hook and Fagan and drinking from the fountain! Puren's spells helped too.